Project Ara: Google is creating Phoneblocks

Remember Phoneblocks? The first modular smartphone concept was a huge succes on Kickstarter and went viral online. Google started project Ara and these phones will be shipped this year!

James Plafke,

There is no shortage of genuinely good smartphone options on the market. However, if you want to stay completely up-to-date, you’ll have to toss your old phone once a year in order to buy the new model.

Unlike building a PC, you can’t switch out the parts to keep your rig fresh. Google aims to remedy that issue with its modular smartphone experiment, Project Ara, and now that project is closer than ever.

Tidbits of Project Ara and modular smartphones have been floating around for a while now. Google announced the modular smartphone venture back in October of 2013, and Phonebloks — the little modules that would attach to a modular phone — were shown off a month prior.

The modules are, of course, what makes or breaks a modular phone — without them, the phone would just be a lightweight shell riddled with empty compartments. Each module is a component integral to a smartphone — the camera hardware, the SoC, one or multiple batteries, and so on — and consumers can pick which component they’d like to install

Basically, instead of the limited configurations of the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5, you can purchase whatever kind of phone you want. Better yet, you wouldn’t have to upgrade your entire phone the following year when new models hit the market, because you can simply buy a couple new modules and slap them in.

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