Ruben Horbach is a very smart and quick thinker who combines his passion for new technology with an addictive enthusiasm. A pleasure to work with on inspiration events.
— Martijn Aslander, founder SHIFT | Boardroom Sparring Partners
Ruben Horbach is a professional explorer and participant of the digital age. He passionately shares his experiences and insights to inspire and motivate listeners. I enjoy working with him.
— Jan-Henk Bouman, founder Fountainheads
Ruben Horbach is more than just a dreamer that dares to ask the right questions; he is willing to practice what he preaches – experimenting on his own life, even his own body if he has to. Innovation is just theory if it’s not put into practice, and Ruben is prepared to take that first step. Having him around on our IT Innovation Day was inspiring, his energy and faith in progress and opportunity contagious. Highly recommended if you want to tear down the box and see what’s outside.
— Volkert Deen, Editor in Chief / B2B Events, IDG Nederland

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