I support creative technology ideas via brainstorm sessions with a 'hands-on mentality' in a workshop environment. Focussing on the iterative process of the different stages of concept, to an actual design, working prototype and feasible product. 

Furthermore I'm a speaker on various subjects;

- New emerging technologies
People are flooded by information about new emerging consumer technologies. We see an enormous rise in the amount of articles in today’s newspapers. Futuristic devices such as interactive smart TV’s, smart thermostats and wearables target a broad audience. Consumers, companies and governments however often fail to see the big picture. I aim to connect the futuristic world with practical applications for consumers.

- RFID & NFC implants
The practical appeal of an implant, is quick authentication that’s faster, cheaper and more reliable than other biometrics like thumbprints or facial scans. When the chip is hit with a radio frequency signal, it emits a unique identifier number that functions like a long, unguessable password. Implantees are able to unclutter their pockets of keys and keycards and instead access their cars, computers, and homes with with a mere wave of the hand.

- Internet of Things
The Internet of Things as an emerging global Internet-based information architecture facilitating the exchange of goods and services is gradually developing. More ubiquitous devices are embedded in our daily lives, serving us in a broad range of purposes in everyday life from: personal healthcare to home automation. 

Soon there will be 50 billion autonomous internet-connected devices, with sources estimating 80+ billion by 2020. To get a better understanding on how the number of connected devices will increase and how big the potential market is, it is worth considering some high-level, macro-economic trends and statistics. Ericsson estimates that by 2020 there will be 3 billion internet subscribers with sufficient means to buy information on a 24-hour basis to enhance their lifestyles and improve personal security. It is expected that in mature markets these customers will typically possess between 5-10 connected devices each.

Ruben in the media: